It's important for me to share a vision with my clients, whether it's a vision of artistic expression, environmentalism, durability, integration or humanism in all it's forms.

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Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie / Quand on parle de la colonisation, is a compilation of essays by Donatien DIBWE dia Mwembu, Sindani KIANGU, Pamphile MABIALA MANTUBA-NGOMA, Jean-Marie MUTAMBA MAKOMBO and Jacob SABAKINU Kivilu. It is the first book about the brutal colonization of Congo written by Congolese historians, translated into Dutch, to appear in Flanders.

The book was initiated and published by publiekeacties,
an artistic platform by artist duo Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk.

‘Vrijheid van meningsuiting - Kerngedachte van de verlichting’ is an essay written by Johan Op de Beeck, published by Humanistisch Verbond as part of the Karel Poma lecture 2019.
In 2022, a second essay was published in the series: 'Tussen canon en improvisatie. Tussen traditie en verbeelding. Notities voor een culturele verlichting' was written by Jan Raes.

'Verklaring van 30 november - Krijtlijnen voor een leefbare wereld' by Hans Claus, 'De kamer als kosmos - Reflecties over de economie van het denken' by Harold Polis and 'Thuis in de wereld – de wereld als huis' by Katrien Schaubroeck.

Various campaign images for Humanistisch Verbond.

Identity for Things that Matter, a design and production company run by architect / furniture designer Jimmy Briers and artist / fashion designer Elisabeth Claes.

Yearly (bicolor) publication Etalage for Humanistisch Verbond.

Campaign image for Le Grand Ballet, a performancy by ICTUS ensemble and Zonzo Compagnie.

Collages for a series of creative workshops for children at the Big Bang Festivals by Zonzo Compagnie.

More campaign images for Humanistisch Verbond

Identity proposal for het Entrepot,
ended second in the design competition.

Publication Encyclopedia for artist/photographer Charlotte Lybeer.

Logo proposals for Les Filles de Madeleine and a birth anouncement card for Marin.

Logo for florist Wildernis.

Publication in celebration of 25 years abortion law in Belgium. Initiated by Luna.